Fluoresecent Pink Cosmos on Mint/Yellow Plaid Field
acrylic, polymer on wood panel
22.5x22.5" (57 x 57 cm)
"What I'm dealing with is space and proportion, and the idea of pulling a person inside of that," Coffelt said. "It's about meditation. I hope that people may get a picture of feeling, of being more centered. When I use bright, contrasting colors, I opt that people will find them soothing, very peaceful, very contemplative."
"It's not my conscious mind at work here, it's my unconscious," Coffelt explained.
"I lose myself in the process. I'm usually not aware of what I'm doing. I just feels right at the time."
"What painters are trying to do, in the short and long run, is to allow you to visit a part of themselves internally that society in its usual conventions may not allow you to visit," Coffelt said. "But painting is not about ego. It's about the absence of ego.
-Jon Coffelt
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