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These were my pajamas when I was 6 years old. Before the time of Disney and Warner Brothers cartoon characters were in pajama form, boys were limited to cowboys, toy soldiers and the occasional deer. I loved my soldier PJs dearly. Speaking of deer, my family went on a camping trip and we had to take our PJs with us. It rained the whole way there and since we were pulling a boat behind the car everything in the boat became very wet. Once we set up the tent my mom thought is would be a good idea to try to dry out our clothes on the grill. For whatever reason, she chose to dry out my flannel red housecoat with the deer heads first. Almost immediately they caught on fire. Luckily my soldier pajamas weren’t harmed at the time. Incidentally, after this horror and my crying for a solid hour, My family decided to call it quits in the middle of the night and head home. We were tired, sad, brokenhearted and very damp. This was our first and last camping trip as a family. Memories, memories.

cotton, thread, buttons
14x9 cm