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I explore duct-tape and new technologies concerning it. I subvert it by utilizing it alongside traditional mediums such as paper, vellum and Tyvek and navigating through similarities concerning computer motherboards, traffic patterns, street maps, and ancient architectural ruins. I interpret them in ways to draw the viewer into dialog, continuing explorations of methodologies and relationships. Though linearly based, these works allude to organic structures and incomplete fractals.

I suggest, that this marriage between duct-tape and these substrates is total debauchery. The play on materials, textures and colors furthers my premise of working with opposition in every way possible. This multi-layering and sometimes grafting of colors refer to different ideologies within each piece, inflating the notion of a universe where subversives become part of the fabric of what is a known truth but causing it to unravel, the unknown make the weak parts stronger.

Mayan god of earthquakes
duct tape on prepared canvas
61 x 61 CM (24x24”)
duct-tape on Tyvek
Yumil Kaxob
duct-tape on rag paper
duct tape on Arches
duct-tape on Tyvek
duct-tape on Tyvek
Temporal Narrative
duct-tape on Tyvek
Space Circuitry Fetish
duct-tape on vellum
Mayan Circuitry Fetish
duct-tape, Tyvek
129.5x129.5 cm (51x51")
Aztec Circuitry Console
duct-tape on Tyvek
129.5 x 129.5 CM (51x51")
Quetzalcoatl Fetish Console
duct-tape on Tyvek
129.5 x 129.5 cCM (51x51")
Cosmos Pink Spiral
duct-tape on vellum
91.5 x 91.5 CM (36x36)
Orange Circuitry Fetish
duct-tape, vellum
91.5 x 91.5 CM (36x36")
Yellow Spiral Console
duct-tape on semi-transparent vellum
91.5 x 91.5 CM (36x36")
Space 1
duct-tape on vellum
152.5 x 183 CM (60 x 72")