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(couples piece with 373)
This piece is an artistic collaboration with Marie Weaver
I saved that dress because I just always loved it. I think I first loved it because it was material that reminded me of the pajamas my brothers wore when we were all little and I was envious of their cowboy pajamas! And I always wanted to be doing what my brothers were doing because they were older. But when I look back on the time period when I wore that dress, I think I kept the dress partly because I wore it pretty early in my marriage to Steve and that was such a wonderful time in my life (although marriage to him is still wonderful). I had finally found my true love after two miserable relationships that took up the whole of my 20s, and I felt attractive and full of vitality in the dress. Maybe that cowboy pattern represented the young girl with all the world ahead of her, who through blood, sweat and tears found a fulfilling life and finally got to wear the cowboy print!
Collection of Marie Weaver and Steve Harvey, Altanta GA

cotton flannel, rayon, thread, buttons
17x21 cm