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Mara Lee Caldwell was one of my favorite great aunts. I was named after her. My teddy bear that I slept with every night as a child was a present from Mara Lee. After my grandmother Agnes passed my family grew very close to her. One could say that she took up the slack where my grandmother left off. She loved attention and was known for interrupting you if she felt what she had to say was more important than what you had to say. She would interrupt you. Sometimes in a crowd of people she would loudly interrupt and this sometimes happened at family functions and her many sisters took to saying “Take the floor Mara Lee.” This phrase came about in the mid-forties and was used quite often. I heard it many times not knowing its origin. It was said often enough that local townfolk would use it if someone interrupted them. Once, my friend Renee used it when she was interrupted in a company meeting in Birmingham Alabama. Birmingham is a least four hours from where Mara Lee hailed. Once Renee said “Take the floor Mara Lee” everyone grew quite and let the interrupter say her piece. She said that was the point. Mara Lee passed late 2007.
My mother had me miniaturize this blouse and skirt as an homage to her the Great Mara Lee.

391, 392
391, 392
polyester, rayon, thread, buttons
14x13 cm