Bling 1
(Vintage Hooded Bellbottom Pantsuit Pattern from 1974)
Tyvek, Silver Metallic Thread
variable display life-size pattern
"Bling" is about the idea of taking something that isn't particularly precious in the basic sense of the word. "Bling" is about taking things out of context and making them precious through the use of
metals such as gold, silver or even platinum.

Society tells us that Bling is the over-the-top earrings and necklaces you see on the streets, the thick chains you see around people's necks, gold teeth, belt-buckles and the like and utilizing the idea of artifice made into something that we are supposed to think of as precious such as handbags and or huge jewelry that is of abject subject matter.

Here I take Bling into a different direction, positing the idea of creating Bling through the use of sewing metallic silver threads through patterns. I do not make clothing with these patterns. In "Bling," I present them in a context of irony, as well as, satire. By sewing metallic threads as an artifice, I ask the viewer to see this work as Bling into perversive territory but not in a way that harms but still in a way of making you take into consideration what I say about society.

What is precious?
Who says what is precious?
Who says what is Bling?
What is Bling?

I want the viewer to see these patterns as plans or diagrams and the metallic threads as a vehicle to infuse the pattern with a degree of precious only for the sake that this idea of precious leaves the
viewer in an ironic position.

What is Bling?

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