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Collection of Jessica Rosner and Andy Smith, Cranston RI

Whether he is tracing a particular mood on a certain day or meditating on painting's connection to a larger framework, Coffelt takes pleasure in his undertaking.
Cosmos proposes the possibility that the painter may indeed leave a significant trace of his creative activity. The image that Coffelt produces in his dot-populated Cosmos paintings rhymes with Larry Poons's ellipses, Ross Bleckner's celestial vaults and the patterns of Australian aboriginal textiles-an arc of reference that we trace across historical movements and diverse cultures. As quickly as we summon reference, however, we are arrested with the delicate beauty of the surface and the touch of the artist's own fingertips, pressed onto the pigmented surface imbued with its own identity-Coffelt's cosmos. -David Moos, curator

Silver Ink Cosmos on Pink Field
Silver Ink Cosmos on Pink Field
ink on wood panel
25.5 x 25.5 cm (10x10")