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One World Wallet
"One World Wallet"
These art wallets are art kits. You receive your wallet and as you use it and it wears out it becomes a piece of art. Your experiences with the wallet become part of the art itself. Do you want to be a part of "One World Wallet" with us.

These wallets are available in over 40 colors/types.
CUSTOMIZED: You select one color for the body and another color for the trim. Use any combination you desire. The examples here let you know the different colors/types of duct-tape I have available at the moment.

All "One World Wallets" are handmade and are 100% duct-tape and duct-tape only.
Designed architecturally to have extra built-in strength without the extra bulk.

US currency, as well as, foreign currencies fit easily inside so no worries.
"One World Wallets" have two credit card/business card pockets on the right side and a built-in flap for receipts on the left side.

Let me customize a handmade duct-tape wallet just for you.
$20 each and I do take cash or Paypal.

Great as gifts, party favors, birthdays, etc.