Snow White Cosmos on Lt. Fluorescent Orange Field Snow White Cosmos on Cherry Red FieldSnow White Cosmos on Cobalt Blue Field Coral Pink Cosmos on Jet Black FieldDouble Pearl Cosmos on Teal FieldSummer Yellow Cosmos on Pearl White FieldWhite Cosmos on Pink Cotton-Candy FieldGray Cosmos on Citrus FieldBlack Cosmos on Exposed Wood FieldSuper String TheoryStrawberry Cosmos on Pink FieldBlack Ink Cosmos on White Tyvek FieldCherry Cosmos on Bird Egg Blue Field Silver Ink Cosmos on Light Orange FieldForest Ink Cosmos on Citrus FieldRed Ink Cosmos on Bubble Gum Pink FieldSilver Cosmos on Lisa Pink FieldGrasshopper Green Cosmos on Lemon FieldMint Cosmos on Ballet Pink Field Mint Cosmos on Tangerine FieldCitrus Yellow Cosmos on Pearlized White FieldBlack Cosmos on Exposed Wood Field IIICherry Cosmos on Bird Egg Blue Field Black Scatter Cosmos on Blanc Field
White Cosmos on Charcoal Grey FieldBlack Cosmos on Liquid Latex Field Black Cosmos on Exposed Wood Field V
Flesh Cosmos on Silver FieldMint Cosmos on Silver FieldClay Cosmos on Ballet Pink FieldFire Engine Red Cosmos on Bird Egg Blue FieldPink Cosmos on Lavender FieldChocolate, Teal and Sage Cosmos on Sage FieldWhite Cosmos on Citrus FieldMetallic Silver Cosmos on Florescent Pink FieldBlack Cosmos on Watermelon FieldCream Cosmos on Dove Gray FieldPurple Ink Cosmos on Teal Field
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"What I'm dealing with is space and proportion, and the idea of pulling a person inside of that," Coffelt said. "It's about meditation. I hope that people may get a picture of feeling, of being more centered. When I use bright, contrasting colors, I opt that people will find them soothing, very peaceful, very contemplative."
"It's not my conscious mind at work here, it's my unconscious," Coffelt explained.
"I lose myself in the process. I'm usually not aware of what I'm doing. I just feels right at the time."
"What painters are trying to do, in the short and long run, is to allow you to visit a part of themselves internally that society in its usual conventions may not allow you to visit," Coffelt said. "But painting is not about ego. It's about the absence of ego.
-Jon Coffelt

Whether he is tracing a particular mood on a certain day or meditating on painting's connection to a larger framework, Coffelt takes pleasure in his undertaking. Banana Fingerprint Cosmos proposes the possibility that the painter may indeed leave a significant trace of his creative activity. The image that Coffelt produces in his dot-populated Cosmos paintings rhymes with Larry Poons's ellipses, Ross Bleckner's celestial vaults and the patterns of Australian aboriginal textiles-an arc of reference that we trace across historical movements and diverse cultures. As quickly as we summon reference, however, we are arrested with the delicate beauty of the surface and the touch of the artist's own fingertips, pressed onto the pigmented surface imbued with its own identity-Coffelt's cosmos.
-David Moos, contemporary curator AGO, Toronto Ontario CN

The art of enlightenment
Jon Coffelt's abstract paintings belong to a long tradition of art as an
object of meditation. "Satori," the title of the Tennessee native's show at
Solomon Projects, is a Zen Buddhist term for a state of enlightenment. "Clay
Cosmos on Raspberry Mousse Field," 60 inches square, consists of hundreds of little putty-colored dots in concentric circles on a reddish field. Patterns emerge and submerge in this welter of dots, whose contemplation does induce some sort of contemplative state. The dots bring to mind Australian aboriginal paintings, as well as the repetition of minimalist artists such as Dorothea Rockburne and Annette Cone-Skelton. -Catherine Fox...Atlanta Constitution