Composition in Yellow and BlackSplit Scape 02AB 48Split Scape 01S/W 04AB IIIMorning to EveningAB 46AB 45AB 42AB 44AB 41AB 43AB 37 (Large)AB 36Scapes/Wellen 05S/W 03S/W 02Scape/Wellen 01AB 33AB 30 AB 28 AB 27AB 26AB 21AB 07AB 05 AB 04AB 01BioS 04BioS 03UrbanS 11
Please see archives for other pieces in this series that have been placed in collections.

Scapes came about only a couple of years ago because many people wanted something smaller. It also gave people an opportunity to own my work and get in at a lower cost. Instead of making smaller Circuitry I envisioned something similar to Circuitry but much tighter and with a repetitious pattern covering the whole substrate of the paper. Each pieces is very unique without consideration of what came before or after. These are on 18x18" rag paper and the images are 15.5x15.5" I have made several commissions on larger paper but I normally keep them at this size.