Untitled -Bones seriesRed Cosmos on Bubble Gum FieldBlack Scribble with Chocolate Dots on Artic White FieldDancers
Double in Yellow, Black, Silver and GoldScribbles in Red, Pink and Black Coatlicue Aubergine Eliptical CosmosBlack Ink Cosmos on Raw Linen FieldConversation in Red, Yellow and TurquoiseRed Cosmos on Red/Cream Pattern FieldWellen 07Wellen G05Large Multi-color Grid with OrangePink and Metallic Silver BurstPink and Orange BurstFluorescent Yellow and Orange BurstMint Cosmos on Metallic Silver FieldSilver Cosmos on Mint/Periwinkle Field Fluorescent Orange Cosmos on Forest GreenWhite Pearl Cosmos on Teal FieldWhite Cosmos on Orange Citrus FieldBlue Traffic Net on Citrus FielsBlue Circles on Black with Silver NettingFluorescent Pink with Silver and Citrus NettingUrbanscape 08Urbanscape 07Askewed Orange Screen/Blue RibbonsPink Askewed BrickAB 40Ballet Pink Fingerprint Cosmos on Red FieldAB 29Silver Cosmos on Rainbow Tint FieldSpace Blue Cosmos on White FieldAB 31Snow White Cosmos on Space Blue FieldBlack Cosmos on Exposed Wood Field 
II and IVAB 04Black Ink Cosmos on Exposed Wood FieldAB 14AB 19Concord Singularity on Turquoise FieldWhite Cosmos on Lavender FieldBlack Cosmos on Cream FieldOrange Cosmos on Mint FieldCharcoal Cosmos on Mint FieldWhite Cosmos on Orange FieldBanana Yellow Fingerprint Cosmos on Brown FieldPopol Vuh ConsoleHeavy Circuitry MeltKlee/Halley FetishSilver Ink Cosmos on Orange FieldEstivateWellen 11Silver Ink Cosmos on Teal FieldOrange on White Cosmos in Space Blue FieldAB 16AB 17Wellen G01AB 08Wellen 10White Cosmos on Fluorescent Pink FieldPurple Ink Cosmos on Dark Lavender Field

Wellen 19Wellen 17AB 10Dark Orange FetishAB 09Black Ink Cosmos on Birch
Periwinkle Cosmos on Lilac FieldLotus Circuitry FetishWellen 18Japonaise Console FetishCircuitry Silver ConsoleWellen G01Pearl White/Ballet Pink Cosmos on Ballet Pink FieldBlack Ink Cosmos on Exposed Wood FieldChocolate Mint WeaponsCosmos Burst #124 Red, White and BlueScheiben 2Florescent Pink Cosmos on Citrus FieldBlood Red Cosmos on Teal FieldWellen 20Dark Green Cosmos on Charise FieldMint Fingerprint Cosmos in Sage Green FieldFruit Punch Cosmos on Chambray FieldFire Engine Red Cosmos on Turquoise FieldCream Cosmos on Forrest Green FieldWellen 05Cream Cosmos on Golden FieldScott Blue Cosmos on Duke Field Turquoise Button on Rust FieldItzpapalotl (Butterfly)Wellen C01Florescent Orange Cosmos on Slate Gray FieldOrange Circuitry FetishSilver Cosmos on Silver/Powder Blue Stripe Field AB 18Silver Ink Cosmos on Pink FieldLight Flesh/Dark Flesh Cosmos on Navy Blue FieldUrbanS 03Peach, Magenta and Peach Cosmos on Peach FieldUrbanS 14 AB 03Huitzilopochtli Console Fetish (Hummingbird)Xochiquetzal (Fertility Goddess)
UrbanS 02Carmel Cosmos on Copper FieldUrbanS 06 UrbanS 04Lite Blue Cosmos on Royal Blue FieldUrbanS 09Jet Black Cosmos on Cream FieldUrbanS 10 AB 02Pink Circuitry FetishAB 06Pulitzer Circuitry FetishAB 11AB 32Carmel Cosmos on Red FieldWellen 09Wellen 03Powder Blue Cosmos on Maroon FieldAB 15Grass Dot Yellow Cosmos on Grass Field
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